ZAKONIA asks you

ZAKONIA asks you

Dear Sir or Madam

Russian informational legal website “ZAKONIA”, an electronic mass media, would like to appeal to you with an unusual request about virtual interview.

At the moment “ZAKONIA” is a major legal resource in Russia, having more than 66 000 users registered and being visited by more than 10 000 people per day. Website ZAKONIA hosts electronic periodical mass media “ZAKONIA”, Forum of the Russian Lawyers, Law Museum, regular competitions (“Golden Feather of Law”), E-Offices of Governmental Services (Federal Penitentiary Service, Federal Migration Service) and NGOs (the Federal Chamber of Advocates of the Russian Federation, The Federal Notary Chamber, the Guild of Russian Advocates, etc.). Concentration of advocates, free-lance lawyers and notaries in one place of the Internet is conditioned by the original graphic design of the website (providing an opportunity to open one’s own E-Office) and a significant amount of different services (opportunity of prompt communication between a lawyer and a client, rendering paid legal services through the Internet, positioning oneself in the client environment, etc.).

ZAKONIA with the participation of the Federal Chamber of Advocates of the Russian Federation and the Guild of Russian Advocates uniting more that 70 000 advocates of the Russian Federation is engaged in examining and analyzing foreign experience of  establishing effective and independent advocacy institutes. We will prepare analytical review of advocacy in Europe and publish the review on our website. We would like to initiate public discussions on the topic to elaborate and initiate amendments to the Act About advocate activity and advocacy in the Russian federation.

In connection with the above-mentioned analysis we would like to ask you for a comment on the topic which will be included in the article and accompanied with the link to your website.

We are particularly interested in the answers to the following questions:

1. What guarantees of advocates’ independence are set forth in your country? Which of them do you find the most important?
2. Are advocates bound to render legal assistance free of charge?  In what cases? How are expenses of the advocates compensated?
3. Can advocates be held liable in case he acts negligently? Who is responsible for hearing complaints: a court or an advocate community? What are the criteria of negligence?
4. What role do advocate associations (Chambers, Bars, Orders) play in the job of advocate?
5. How are the financial relations between a client and a lawyer regulated? Is there an act, governing lawyers’ fees and are you satisfied with the existing regulations? Is a lawyer entitled to cease to render legal services if a client fails to pay for the services?
6. How are the relations between partners and associated members built? Is there a uniform scheme of income distribution between the lawyers in a firm? Is there any peculiarities concerning distribution of the client base?

Your comments on the topic can be published on ZAKONIA in a form of an opinion of your company or as an interview of your advocate/partner accompanied with his/hers photo and a link to your website.

We will highly appreciate any information from you.

Yours faithfully
R.V. Markaryan
Editor-in-chief of legal website ZAKONIA
Vice-chairman the Guild of Russian Advocates


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