Producing centre “ZAKONIA”

Producing centre “ZAKONIA” is a production of full cycle, giving birth to audio-visual content for placement on television and websites, for individual demonstration during presentations, exhibitions, business and entertaining events.

Image videos, advertising videos, video-presentations, formalizing and structuring information:

  • about company's activity;
  • about goods and services;
  • about achievements and perspectives of development;
  • about heads of the company;
  • about anything else that you consider important to tell your potential clients, investors, business partners. 

Video materials for personnel training
Detailed formalization of organizational and technological processes in enthralling video material allows introducing personnel into the course of business as fast and efficient as possible and laying the foundation for successful development of all necessary skills and competencies.

Video reports on business and entertaining events
Traditional and the most convenient form of video report about business events is a DVD-disk with menu which contains the following:
1. review of an event, interviews with the participants and organizers;
2. performance of each participant in two variants:

  • short version contains key points having special meaning for the audience and having become a part of a resolution, recommendation, other summary reports adopted as a result of an event;
  • full version – performance of a participant in full

Video report about entertaininig event is a dynamical and colorful video, comprising in itself interviews with guests and participants and certainly full detailed video material demonstrating chronology of the event from the beginning to the end with the help of animated DVD-menu.

Translation to the plasma and projection screen is one of the most important functional advantages of our work at business and entertaining events which will undoubtedly give any event a special statues and create maximum convenience for interactions between participants and guests.
Should it be a plenary sitting, a round table, an auction or a concert, our professional directors of photography will not lose smallest details and all the spectators even those sitting in the most remote parts of the hall will feel as comfortable as possible at the event.