Busquets Abogados

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Busquets Abogados y Economistas is a professional firm that provides a wide-range of legal, accounting and financial services. We offer a global service that combines the traditional concepts of law and economics practice with modern day challenges such as new technologies, internationisation and high degree specialisation. We face the constant changes that affect law and economics practice proactively and work quickly and efficiently to provide effective solutions in this ever-changing global, dynamic and digitalised world.

Our highly-qualified and experienced team offer a professional and integrated advice service to both individuals and companies. Involved in the planning and development stages of our clients' projects, we help our clients to achieve their goals efficiently and securely.

We are a family firm, devoted to law and finance. However, we have developed an innovative business model that allows us to collaborate with other professionals depending on our clients' needs. Under our management, we integrate all the professionals required into our team, to guarantee a complete and global solution for our clients.

Underpinning our philosophy is people. In our view, the key to success is collaborating closely with our client's team. We consider it a great privilege to earn our clients' trust and to work together in shared projects and challenges.

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T. +34 934 160 004
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