President of Russia Armenians' Union

                                                                       BLOG OF ABRAMYAN А.А.





President of "World Armenian Congress"
Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO
Ara Arshavirovich Abramyan

The President of ZAO «Soglassiye», Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO, President of "World Armenian Congress, president of Russian Armenians Union Ara Arshavirovich Abramyan graduated from Erevan Agricultural College with specialization in economy. He started his career at the production association «Neurone» as an engineer and soon became general director. In 1989 he was appointed a deputy director of Ministry of electronics industry. In 1991 he became a general manager of a major company producing electronic equipment «Komex». During these years of work in electronic industry A. Abramyan laid the foundation of his innovation activity. In1994 he established a concern «Russian safety technologies», which now is a leader in development and production of safety holographic products in Russia.
In 1994 А. Abramyan established ZAO «Soglassiye», which in a short time became one of prominent and strategically important companies. Complete professionalism, titanic energy and assertiveness of Аra Abramyan, his non-conventional pioneer methods, general erudition and skills in making contacts with different people evoke due respect and desire to work with this person and contribute to establishment of effective forms and methods of collaboration with different commercial and public organizations in Russia as well as leading foreign companies. Faultless business reputation allows ZAO «Soglasiye» under leadership of A. Abramyan to maintain long-standing partnership relations with major and respectable companies of France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, South Korea, Japan, SAR and other countries. Subsidiaries created by ZAO «Soglassiye» have a good name within Russia and abroad.
In 2003 Ara Abramyan succeeded with his initiative aimed at creation of Council of businessmen of Russia and Argentina. The attained success prompted the expansion of this positive experience in European and Asian countries. With the purpose of development of trade and economic relationship such councils have been created with France, South Korea, Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria, Libya and Ukraine, where A. Abramyan is a co-chairman on the Russian side. A. Abramyan was awarded the highest government decorations for his noticeable contribution in development of trade and economic relation between Russia, Argentina and South Korea. In 2006 A. Abramyan was awarded a Legion of Honour medal for his outstanding contribution in development of trade, economic and cultural relations between Russia and France.
For his educational and charity work A. Abramyan was made a cavalier of Order of Holy Constantine the Great, was awarded an order of the Holy Gregory the Enlightener, a Badge of Honour “For sacrificial service” of the social movement “Orthodox Russia”. The Charity fund “Art patrons of the century” awarded him with a Golden Order “Art Patron”.
A number of projects for the Administrative department of the President of the RF were implemented under his leadership. For his participation at Kremlin reconstruction A. Abramyan was awarded a Certificate of Honor of UNESCO, he was given the title “The honorable constructor of Russia”.
Apart from entrepreneurial and production activity Ara Abramyan is very active in the field of social work. In 2000 he was elected the President of All-Russia social organization «Russia’s Armenians Union» (SAR), and in 2003 he became the President of International Union of Armenian public associations «World Armenian Congress» (WAC).
As a Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO A. Abramyan pays attention to strengthening of international and inter-confessional peace and conciliation, construction of civil society in Russia, he attends to issues of international cooperation, dialogue of civilizations, reinforcement of Russian state credibility in the international arena, to problems of education.
Due to personal assistance and active diplomatic role of A. Abramyan 6 Armenian pilots arrested by local authorities in Equatorial Guinea were released. A. Abramyan played a decisive role in liberation of 12 Russian sailors arrested in Nigeria in 2006.
Ara Abramyan as a prominent businessmen, politician and public man, in spite of being busy spends a lot of time realizing his innovative activities. ZAO “Soglassiye-Intellect" was established under leadership of A. Abramyan for the optimal control of intellectual property items and was actively engaged in the search, selection, evaluation, protection and implementation of patentable, merchantable engineering solution. In particular, ZAO “Soglassiye” with active participation of A. Abramyan together with strategic partners has introduced a number of perspective innovations realized on the basis of progressive technologies including nanotechnologies. These inventions have been exhibited at major international innovation exhibitions in Geneva, Brussels, Nurnberg and Seoul and were awarded a Gold Medal of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 11 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal of the mentioned exhibitions, as well as a number of Special prizes. By decision of Federal Institute of Industrial Property of the RF these developments have been included into the list of perspective Russian inventions. In 2006 Ara Abramyan as «Distinguished inventor and active Patron of inventors» was awarded a national Belgium reward – Order of Commodore. As a visit card of a newly created organization “Soglassiye-Intellect” Ara Abramyan and his partners issued a monograph "Intellectual property: management at all stages of life cycle" which was published in April 2007 by the publisher «Magistr-Press» and is now available in book shops. This book has no Russian and foreign parallels.
In 2006 at the initiative of Ara Abramyan with the purpose of reactivation of technological advance received under the scheme «Energy- Buran», an international strategic consortium “United construction department «Aerospace production systems” was created. The Consortium is headed by Ara Abramyan, it's president. During the first six months of 2007 the consortium organised a number of meetings at the high scientific and technical level including «Round table» at the State Duma of the RF where the leading specialists from Russia and Ukraine were present. Based on its results an open letter to the Chairman of Russian government M.E. Fradkov was published suggesting granting this complex a status of National program (international journal «Aerospace carrier» №2, 2007, page 5). In June 2007 the Paris air show Le Bourget had a stand showing the basic technical characteristics of this unique system which aroused great interest among specialists and air show visitors.
Upon recommendation of National Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Science and Consortium by the decision of Federation of space technology of Russia on April 11, 2007 Ara Abramyan was awarded a Gold medal «100 years of S.P. Korolyov».
Ideas, partially planned to be realized by Consortium, were firstly expressed by Abramyan in his essay «Cosmic Odyssey of 21 century. A way to salvation” which was launched in January 2007 in Paris at the major international linguistic exhibition «Expolang - 2007» and attracted public attention.
The government of the RF approved a priority national program for accelerated development of research in the field of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, in particular, in terms of resource and energy-savings, creation of ecologically adapted modern industrial production, health care service, production of food stuff, quality and standards of living of population, securing of the adequate level of defense capacity and safety of Russia. In this connection at the initiative of 2007 Ara Abramyan a closed joint stock company “The Institute of applied nanotechnology” was registered.
At the present time the primary areas of Institute’s work have been analyzed and selected, the merchantable projects are being elaborated, and namely:
- production of prosthetic means with biocidal features;
- development and production of ecological nano-additions to fuel;
- production of consumer goods on the basis of new nano-technological developments;
- creation of biomaterials and nano-accessories for the army;
- creation of environmentally friendly paints for protection of shops’ bottoms from fouling.
As a visit card of a newly created organization Ara Abramyan and his partners in 2007 published a monograph «The principals of applied nanotechnology» which is now available in book shops.
In April 2007 Ara Abramyan was awarded an international medal “For merits in the fight with terrorism, organized criminality and corruption” as acknowledgment of his major contribution in development of civil law, active participation at international public activity, contributing to formation of developed civil society in the world, non-acceptance of manifestations of national, religious and other forms of extremism.