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Probate Matters


1.Drafting of a will in Cyprus either for your property in Cyprus only or your property in Cyprus and abroad
Whether single, married or a parent, Wills are a key element in estate planning and, without one, you are unable to control what happens to your assets after death. You may leave your dependants with numerous problems, including an unmanageable tax burden; and yet the Law Society reports that two out of three people have not made a Will.
Without a Will, the law will determine how your estate will be distributed, so your family, friends and favourite charities may not receive what they need or expect. We can help you to make the correct provisions and ensure that your wishes are carried out:
· Draw up your Will, making provision for all the people important to you
·Ensure that your wishes are carried out and that you fully understand the draft
·Advise on your assets to ensure wealth protection
·Arrange signing of your Will and retain it for safe–keeping
We can now register your Will with the probate Registrar of  any  District Court in Cyprus, which means that your loved ones will be able to find out which  lawyer in Cyprus  holds your Will, should they not know when the time comes to find it.
2. Administration of estates

This service involves dealing with your affairs after death. The ‘estate’ is your property and any other assets you have. Our probate specialists handle the winding up of your estate with great sensitivity and understanding, and help your family and friends through what can be a very confusing and upsetting time.
Administration involves:
· Ascertaining the assets and liabilities and preparing the necessary tax forms
·Obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, enabling the Personal Representative to obtain the assets
·Settling the liabilities of the estate, including all tax liabilities
·Distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will. If there is no Will  then the estate is distributed according to the statutory rules.
On occasions there may be disputes between beneficiaries, executors or those who want to make a claim against an estate – we can advise in these circumstances.
Please note that in Cyprus Inheritance tax was abolished as from 31Dec 1999.
3. Acting as the Administrator of the estate or the executor of the will
4. Re-sealing of a will executed abroad
5. Dealing with all the legal formalities
6. Obtaining letters of administration  
7. Distributing the property as per the wishes of the  client.