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How much does the victory cost? To put it another way where did the police take money to afford such a team?

I heard this phrase while watching ice hockey game between the team of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and CSKA on a stadium. Almost everyone was supporting CSKA.

“Where did the police take money to afford SUCH a team?” That was what a CSKA fan behind me cried during the game after his team lost a most important game with the score 5:1. And it came to my mind that he was not crying about where THEY took money for country houses and expensive cars, but about how MVD managed to create SUCH A TEAM.

A couple of days before that I had had a conversation with an idol of our childhood hockey player Sergey Makarov (I still remember that he had #24 in a national team, Larionov’s five). He said: “Frankly speaking, MVD is not a team with a big budget. However it is A TEAM. And there is an inscription on their bus that reads: “We are a team”.

I have never worked in the police as well as in any other law enforcement bodies. So you can not accuse me of any attachment to these structures.

However it was such a pleasure to hear a roar of a crowd: “MVD are great”.

Several hours beforehand in a district where I live some rascals killed a policeman and seriously injured another one during an examination of their documents. I mean the policeman was protecting me in my own district. And died.

Appealing to that fan: the next time cry not “Where did the police take money to afford such a team?” but “HOW CAN THEY DO IT FOR THIS MONEY?”