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  • Who is suffering on holidays

    One person is deep in pain, another pardons for his sufferings and forgives sins – such is the tradition. A very interesting one…
    When I hear people speak about amnesty I always think about victims, who were injured by criminals towards which we are expected to be more human.
    In honor of Victory Day the state liberates the convicts. But it is clear that this is done largely to clear up space in prisons and not because of the great holiday. Although it sounds great: to celebrate this memorable day we will show our mercy toward those who have made false steps.
    But what are we actually doing? We are being merciful towards poor convicts and close our eyes as we kick their victims in the teeth… those who were not guilty, neither at the holiday nor before that. Why is the injured party never asked for its opinion during amnesty? Does the injured person feel like showing his compassion towards the ‘fallen’, comparable with that of authorities estranged from their misfortune?
    In that case the state should show its mercy in cases, where the state itself was a victim. For example, towards convicts and persons under investigation in cases connected with economic crimes... 

  • How much does the victory cost? To put it another way where did the police take money to afford such a team?

    I heard this phrase while watching ice hockey game between the team of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and CSKA on a stadium. Almost everyone was supporting CSKA.

  • March 3, 2010 the police arrested a married couple from York district in Pennsylvania on a charge of murder in August 2009 of their adopted son from Russia.

    According to statistics of Ministry of Science and Education the foreign adoptive parents over the past 17 years caused the death of 16 Russian children.

  • Let parents take responsibility for their children's terror attacks

    The war is going on. All its odious marks are on hand: treacherous and ingenious enemy, death of people, tears of parents, who lost the most precious in their lives, the eyes of orphans and constant fear. To make things worse the anger rising with each TV news program. The anger against the war, which now concerns everybody, in which we, ordinary citizens, ate now taking part only as cannon fodder. The state which should take care of us and protect from turning into such fodder does not fulfill its obligations. Although it claims the opposite from TV screens after each of terror attacks.

  • Armenians' genocide? This concerns me...

    Some may doubt that admitting of genocide is of such great importance: Turkey has already acknowledged mass slaughter, is not that enough? Why exactly Genocide? "Aren’t you able to forgive?" – people ask me... – This is not Christian-like..."