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Who is suffering on holidays

One person is deep in pain, another pardons for his sufferings and forgives sins – such is the tradition. A very interesting one…
When I hear people speak about amnesty I always think about victims, who were injured by criminals towards which we are expected to be more human.
In honor of Victory Day the state liberates the convicts. But it is clear that this is done largely to clear up space in prisons and not because of the great holiday. Although it sounds great: to celebrate this memorable day we will show our mercy toward those who have made false steps.
But what are we actually doing? We are being merciful towards poor convicts and close our eyes as we kick their victims in the teeth… those who were not guilty, neither at the holiday nor before that. Why is the injured party never asked for its opinion during amnesty? Does the injured person feel like showing his compassion towards the ‘fallen’, comparable with that of authorities estranged from their misfortune?
In that case the state should show its mercy in cases, where the state itself was a victim. For example, towards convicts and persons under investigation in cases connected with economic crimes...