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March 3, 2010 the police arrested a married couple from York district in Pennsylvania on a charge of murder in August 2009 of their adopted son from Russia.

According to statistics of Ministry of Science and Education the foreign adoptive parents over the past 17 years caused the death of 16 Russian children.

I believe the adoption of Russian children by foreigners should continue, in spite of all grievous cases given large coverage in mass media (like murder, torture etc.).

Firstly, according to our mass media there happens nothing good at all. What are the highlights of our news? Murder, accidents, natural calamities... And very seldom something about new Picasso exhibition, however it would be much more interesting if there was some scandal to accompany it. Better for the mass media.

The cited cases with children are of course horrible. I rescue to be called cynical  but I dare to ask a question: how much is that in percent from the total number of children adopted during these years? Do the rest of children live happily? If 99% are happy in their new families and 1% of adoptive parents turned out to be rascals and scoundrels, then the statistics are in favour of adoption.

Secondly, has anyone in Russia ever counted the children mortality rate due to lack of parental supervision (even by adoptive parents)? Or are Russian adoptive parents always better than American ones? By Americans we are at least informed of what is happening – their justice system detects crimes and imprisons criminals, murdering our children. Does our system work to the same effect; does anyone at least keep count of such cases? How many criminal parents have been detected in Russia and are all of them duly punished? How can anyone believe in any figures keeping in mind our rampant corruption?

That is why I would rather have Russian children adopted by Americans. Let the bad parents be imprisoned in case they do wrong… At least until the time when Russian adoptive parents will overcome foreign in number and quality of supervision.